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Street Talk: Australia’s Best City for Sport


Street Talk: Australia’s Best City for Sport

Ivan Aristeguieta, Adelaide-based comedian, hit the streets to ask you some fun – and sometimes tricky – questions about sport.

Australians take sport pretty seriously: engaging in friendly rivalry during a game is almost as popular as the sports themselves. Whether it’s AFL, NRL, tennis or soccer (football, for those reading from Europe), Australians enjoy a match and are internationally renowned for their sporting prowess.

But the question still stands: which is Australia’s best city for sports? Where do the best sportsmen and women come from? We chose some surprising facts from the Australia’s Best City database and asked Ivan to quiz people on ever-important questions like “which is the city with the most number of AFL All-Australians per capita?

There are of course tonnes more things that make a city a sporting giant. In this video we’ve only covered a few of them. In the sport category, we chose around 20 (and counting) facts to rank Australia’s capitals on how good they were at sport.

Check out all the facts in the Sports category on Australia’s Best City.

If there’s something you’d like to see in this category but we haven’t covered it, send us an email, and we may just look into it for you.

Disagree with us? Or think we’ve hit the nail? We love a good city-debate: join in the conversation on twitter: tweet to @IvanComedy and @AusBestCity using the #AusBestCity hashtag.

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