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Street Talk: The Australian Environment


Street Talk: The Australian Environment

Climate, aside from being great small-talk material, is an important concern for most… and the Australian environment in particular provides lots of material for debate.

While Australia has a reputation for excellent weather, the country’s vast land mass means that Australia has many climatic zones, from the moderate and Mediterranean temperatures in the south, to the tropical, humid environments in the north. Which is Australia’s hottest city? (Most of you guessed this correctly.) Which city is the windiest? Which city has the most sunshine hours per day? (Hint: it’s not in the ‘Sunshine State’…)

For travellers, weather can make or break a holiday, and for people looking to move to a new city, climate is something to seriously consider before packing the bags. So which Australian city has the best climate? In this video, Ivan Aristeguieta chose a few questions from the Austrlaia’s Best City climate category and asked the public (often surprising) questions about their own backyard.

Check out all the facts to do with the Australian environment in the Climate and Environment category on Australia’s Best City.

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