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Kampus-Connecting Students with Business


Kampus-Connecting Students with Business

Recently Australia’s Best City, met up with Adam Troyn the creator of the Kampus platform…

Kampus is an innovative concept that is connecting students with businesses and start-ups. It also allows students to search for one another from different fields of study or institutions based on their skills and knowledge, should they wish to connect.

Kampus aims to help students open that first door, which is always the hardest, by enabling them to showcase their abilities to prospective employers.  For Employers, Kampus provides an in-depth source of students, who have skill sets that have the potential to exceed their expectations.

The platform enables students to take the initiative and put themselves out there with the opportunity to engage in the community relevant to their studies. Students are not desperate. They are capable, and they can deliver an enormous amount of value to any business, small or large.

Adam also makes note, that Universities are currently rebranding themselves as more entrepreneurial, and accordingly they need to give their students the tool to connect with other current students from other fields.  In effect, creating their own opportunities if they want to go down the entrepreneurial path.

Kampus is a positive step forward for connecting and aligning students and businesses together with the potential to increase employment opportunities well into the future. To find out more about Kampus,

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