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Number of fresh produce markets



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This  FACT indicates the number of weekly or daily fresh produce markets that operate within each capital city in 2018. A farmers' or produce market consists of individual vendors who set up stalls or stands, outdoors or indoors, to sell produce, meat products, fruits and sometimes pre-prepared foods and beverages. Farmers Markets add value to communities since they allow farmers or producers to sell directly to consumers, minimising loss by circumventing middle retailers. Produce markets also encourage local commerce, since produce is often sourced locally. Produce markets are cultural locations, too, adding to the vibrancy and strength of local communities in cities. The city with the highest number of fresh food markets is tied between Darwin and Sydney, each hosting 6. The city with the lowest is Canberra with just 1.


Based on Brisbane Markets; Australian Gourmet Traveller; Tasmania Top 10; White Hat; Markets Central data from 2018

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