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Number of food trucks in operation in Australian capital cities



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A food truck is basically a mobile kitchen that transports and sells food to customers, most commonly located in the CBD of a city. A typical example would be the old fashioned ice cream truck or pie cart, that most people would associate the selling of food from a mobile truck. Since the influx of American style food and food culture in Australia, the Texan style ‘Chuck Wagon’ have been erecting all throughout some Australian capital cities. Although a higher proportion of food trucks now serve American style burgers, hot dogs and fries, there are still many Mexican, South American, Asian and Dessert style food carts trailing each city.

An Honourable mention would also have to go Adelaide’s pie cart movement in the late 1800’s, which made the traditional “Pie-Floater” world famous today, with approximately 13 pie carts operating in the CBD in the 1870’s.

This FACT indicates the number of food trucks that have operated in each capital city over the last 2 months, and are registered online at ‘WhereTheTruck.At’ in March 2018. Melbourne has easily the highest number of food trucks, at 251. Canberra scored the lowest at 0. Each has not had any operating food trucks within the last 2 months, as registered by ‘WhereTheTruck.At’.

*The data is based solely on food trucks registered with ‘WhereTheTruck.At’ and active within the last 2 months. This does not have any relation to the total amount of food truck licences awarded by each city’s council, currently used in each city.

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Based on WhereTheTruck.At data from 2018

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