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Number of surf beaches per 100,000 persons (Regional)



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Australia has many world class surfing beaches which are highly regarded by many professionals. Because Australia has swells coming from all directions, the likelihood of having a few good surfing beaches is pretty high.  Australians have always been drawn to the ocean, with most major cities being in coastal areas.  Consequently Australians partake in a large number of marine activities, in particular surfing, which has become a significant part of Australian culture.
This FACT shows the number of surf beaches in each territory per 100,000 persons. No data for the ACT has been recorded because it has no sea coast. The Northern Territory also has no recorded data for unspecified reasons. While the Northern Territory does have beautiful beaches, it is worth noting that perhaps the presence of crocodiles on the Northern Territory Coast suggests that beaches up North might be better suited to Barramundi fishing. This source is not entirely reliable due to the fact that the data is entered by website users, and should be taken only as a general guide to numbers.


Source:, 2018

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