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Average amount of rainfall in summer



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Australia is renowned all over the world for its very dry weather, particularly in the central and southern regions of the country. However, toward the north it becomes more tropical and rain levels are higher. This FACT indicates the amount of rainfall in millimetres that falls on average in summer. Places such as Darwin and Brisbane receive ample amounts of rainfall with 1057.7 and 458.5 mm respectively. In comparison, places such as Adelaide and Perth receive 63.5 and 35.8mm respectively. The weather in Australia is largely sporadic, and relies on the el nino and la nina weather systems to determine the intensity and duration of the weather. Cities to the north however experience wetter weather due to its North-Eastern approach. The cities futher South are generally drier because any wet weather that has to travel across Australia must travel through desert and is substantially diminished in the process.


Source: Australian Bureau of Meteorology, 2018

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