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Number of hostels per 1,000 tourists (Regional)



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A hostel is a budget orientated form of accommodation where guests can stay in dormitories with other travellers, share bunk beds, have meals provided, and can live with minimal cost. It is regarded as more sociable than other types of accommodation, as it gives tourists an opportunity to meet fellow travellers. This FACT indicates the number of hostels available in each state per 1000 tourists. The state with the highest hostel to tourist ratio is Tasmania with 0.211 per 1000 tourists whereas the ACT and Victoria has the lowest tourist to hostel ratio with 0.024 hostels per 1000 tourists. This information reflects the figures for 2018, however, since it was extracted from a source that is susceptible to change on a regular basis (given that it is a service for which accommodation venues are required to pay), the numbers should be taken as a guide only.


Source:, ABS, 2018

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