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Professional sports teams per 100,000 persons (Regional)



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Whether watching or participating, Australians love sport, as both the weather and vast amounts of space are perfect for physical activity and group sports. Professional sporting teams create entertainment, interaction and economic benefits to a city, while also encouraging a community spirit.

This FACT indicates the total number of professional sports teams per 100,000 people within a state (2018). A statewide basis was chosen due to the travelling nature of sports teams and their fans, as well as the wide range of stadiums in which these professional sports teams play in. Professional sports teams include both male and female teams competing in upper league national sporting tournaments or competitions. These include the AFL, AFLW, NRL, BBL, WBBL, Sheffield Shield, NBL, WNBL, A-League, W-League, ABL, Super Rugby, NRC, and Suncrop Super Netball. Motorsport is not included.

The city with the most sporting teams per 100,000 inhabitants is Canberra with 1.510. The city with the lowest is Brisbane with 0.425. Darwin does not qualify as it does not have a professional sports team.


Based on AFL; AFLW; NRL; BBL; WBBL; Sheffield Shield; NBL; WNBL; A-League; W-League; ABL; Super Rugby; NRC; and Suncrop Super Netball data from 2018

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