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How many tourists are there in each Australian state? (thousands) (Regional)



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As an island-continent, tracking the number of foreign visitors to and around Australia is relatively simpler than other nations with bordering countries, as movements of passengers are easier to monitor. Australia, with its diverse landscapes, agreeable climate and positive reputation as an international tourist destination makes for a robust tourism industry that fuels local and national economies.This FACT indicates the number of tourists (departures from the city of longest stay) for each of the Australian states. This data is represented in thousands.

The ABS statistics makes sure to exclude the movements of operational air and ship crew, transit passengers who pass through Australia but are not cleared for entry, passengers on pleasure cruises commencing and finishing in Australia, and unauthorised arrivals.

According to the ABS data from 2017, the state with the highest number of tourists is - unsurprisingly - Sydney, with 3,177,000 tourists in 2016. The state with the lowest number of tourists is the Northern Territory, with 78,300 in the same year.

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Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2017

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