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Average annual cost of commuting to work by car



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How much do Australians spend on travelling to and from work, using their own car, each year? Given the fairly large distances commuters must travel, and the rising cost of petrol prices, this percentage is increasing at a faster rate than salaries.

This FACT indicates the total cost of owning and running an automobile to commute to and from work, five days per week. These costs are an average taken from the cost of driving between a five and twenty-five kilometre journey into the CBD. The Australasian Railway Association Report takes into account individual distances travelled, car type, and average parking costs in each city. The figures also include the costs of maintenance and repair that accrue through a standard year, but exclude the charges of congestion and carbon emissions. Data for Darwin could not be obtained.

Brisbane residents face the most expensive commute, at $13,731.5 per year. The cheapest commute to and from work in a personal vehicle was hobart at $8,376.6 per year.

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Source: Australian Railway Association, 2015

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