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Number of ‘Earths’ each state consumes (Regional)



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This FACT indicates the number of 'Earths' each state consumes. An ecological footprint is a metric that indicates the amount of natural resources required to sustain current lifestyles in each state. In other words, if everyone on the planet lived the lifestyle of the average Australian, how many 'Earths' would we need to sustain that population?Using the average carbon emissions of each person from each state and a visual representative of the amount of carbon dioxide tonnage in Earth metrics, we can derive the average number of Earths needed to sustain the world's population, if every person emitted the same amount of carbon dioxide (in each respective state).

The state with the largest ecological footprint is the Northern Territory. If every person on the planet emitted this amount of carbon dioxide, we would need 55.1 planets to sustain our population.If every person on the planet emitted the same amount of carbon dioxide as those in the Australian Capital Territory, the territory with the smallest ecological footprint, we would need 1.1 planets to sustain our population. It should be noted however, that the ACT figure is particularly low due to its lack of agricultural and industrial production.

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Based on Australian Government Department of the Environment data from 2010-2011

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