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XXX Adult entertainment & services per 100,000 persons



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This FACT indicates the total number of adult entertainment/services as a proportion of 100,000 persons in each Australian city (as listed on Yellow Pages online, in 2018). This number was ascertained by taking our original numbers of adult entertainment/service in each city and dividing it by the population, then divided this number by 100,000 to determine the proportion per 100,000 people in each city. From this, we found that Darwin has the highest number at 6.58 per 100,000 persons. Hobart has the least at 1.35 per 100,000 persons.

In all Australian states and territories, soliciting as a prostitute in a public place is illegal, however laws punishing prostitutes working in brothels varies considerably, and are not always comprehensive.

In Queensland, Western Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory, operating or working in a “one-woman brothel” (as specified in each state/territory’s criminal Act) is not an offence. Additionally, Queensland and Western Australia prohibit house calls. In Tasmania, prostitution from a brothel is not an offence. In New South Wales and Queensland, it is not an offence unless premises are held out as available for other services, while in Victoria it is legal providing the premises has a town planning permit. In the Northern Territory and again in Western Australia, one ‘could be prosecuted for permitting premises to be used as a brothel’. It is illegal to receive money paid in a brothel in respect to prostitution in South Australia.


Based on Yellow Pages online listing directory, March 2018

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