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Cost of a speeding fine at exactly 10 km/h over the limit



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Research shows that penalties for speeding such as demerit points or cost can often be an effective tool in reducing the number of accidents on our roads. The 'Cameras Save Lives' campaign by the Victorian Government is typical of the rationale.

However, the cost and frequency of receiving a fine can have a significant impact on a household budget. Some view speeding fines simply as a revenue raising exercise for Governments.

The cost of infringements is extremely high in most Australian cities, though some face more punitive fines than others. This FACT indicates the cost of a speeding fine in each Australian city when the speed of the vehicle exceeds to exactly 10 km/hr over the designated speed limit. Note: the fine is for cars and not necessarily heavy vehicles.

This FACT is also ranked high to low (high is good) in the Community and Safety category.

Low is good

Based on The Government of Tasmania (Department of State Growth); The Queensland Government (Department of Transport and Main Roads); Northern Territory Government of Australia; ACT Parliamentary Counsel; State Government Victoria; Government of Western Australia (Office of Road Safety); Roads and Maritime Services; Government of South Australia (Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure) data from 2017

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