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Amount of time spent travelling to and from work (hours)



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Commuter times have a huge impact on work-life balance, contributing to workers' stress levels and attrition rates across all industries from the year 2012. Companies and corporations are increasingly addressing this issue by allowing more and more workers to telecommute or work from a local or home office. These measures, particularly in Australia, which has a large urban sprawl and high petrol prices, these measures are welcome ones, and will likely help to reduce the average amount of time that employees spend commuting to and from work.

This FACT indicates the average amount of time spent by a person commuting between work and home in each Australian capital city, assuming a five day work week and commuting during peak hour traffic (usually a higher tariff rate for public transport commuters). For cities that implement zone pricing structures, (that is, the cost increases the further one travels), the average between 5km and 25km journey from the CBD is used.

*Data for Darwin could not be found therefore we have used Northern Territory data from 2006 from the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research.

Low is good

Source: Australasian Railway Association, 2013; Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, 2009

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