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Median personal weekly income



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This FACT indicates the median personal weekly income of each capital city. Personal income is an individual’s total earnings from wages, investment interest, and other sources, and before deductions for tax, superannuation contributions, health insurance, salary sacrificed, or any other automatic deductions. The 2016 Census collected personal weekly income for all persons aged 15 years and over. People were asked to report the total of all their wages and salaries, government benefits, pensions, allowances and any other income they usually receive. The median has been utilised here as it gives a more accurate reflection of the overall data set, as it is not impacted by outliers (or figures that lie far outside of the regular data range). The city with the highest average personal weekly income is Darwin at A$1,052 per week and the lowest was Adelaide, with an average weekly income of A$617 per week.

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Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2017

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