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Percentage of population walking or cycling for work purposes



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How fit are Australians? When compared to cities around the world, Australian city dwellers walk and cycle much less than those in other cities around the world. This is partly explained by the vast distances and urban sprawl that are prominent characteristics of all Australian capital cities. The levels of car dependency in Australia have therefore been on the increase (in vehicle kilometres travelled), at a rate much faster than the population growth. Car dependency leads to infrastructural and environmental issues like traffic congestion, particularly in the larger capitals where infrastructure and public transport provisions have not kept pace with growth rates. Pollution and carbon emissions are a growing problem, aggravated by high vehicle use of a growing and aging population.

This FACT indicates the percentage of people who are helping to balance this equation, by either walking or cycling for their commute to and from work. The Australian city with the highest percentage of people using non-motorised vehicles for work purposes is Canberra, at 7.2 percent. The city with the lowest is Perth, at 3.0 percent.

High is good

Source: ABS, 2018

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