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Cycling participation rate in Australian capital cities (Regional)



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How many people ride bikes in Australian capital cities? Cycling is becoming a trendy alternative, and is high on the agenda for local and state councils, who view cycling as a positive way to reduce pollution and congestion, as well as promoting healthy lifestyles.

This FACT indicates the cycling participation rate of the population in each Australian capital city over the previous year. Unlike in many European cities, Australians are reluctant to cycle in lieu of travelling by car or public transport, likely influenced by the vast distances that many travel to commute from their suburban homes.

In June 2016, the Australian Bicycle Council released the results of the National Cycling Participation Survey. The survey found that in a typical week, around 3.74 million people participate in cycling, whether for recreation, sport, lesuire, or travel. The state with the highest participation rate is the Australian Capital Territory, with 46.5 percent. The state with the lowest is Sydney with 29.5 percent, but this is not surprising when you consider that Sydney is the hilliest capital city in Australia - a terrain that can be challenging for a 'commuter' cyclist.

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Source: State of Australian Cities, 2017

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