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Malicious property damage in Australian cities (Regional)



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This  FACT indicates the victimisation rate of malicious property damage that occurred in each Australian state and territory in 2012.  Malicious property damage is intentional or wilful (not accidental) damage, defacement or destruction of any part of a home or anything usually kept at home. This excludes any rental, investment or holiday properties owned by a member of the household. Property is something tangible in nature, including land, conveyances, animals or other objects capable of being privately owned. Destruction can mean any alteration that may render something imperfect or inoperative. It can include destruction of property, graffiti or vandalism, partial destruction, killing or harming an owned animal and removing or destroying a plant or other part of an owned landscape. It excludes acts such as turning off water meters and flicking safety switches if no damage to the meter occurred.

The state with the highest percentage of property damage was the Western Australia, at 7.7 percent. The state with the fewest incidents was Queensland with 4.0 percent, lower than the national average of 5.5 percent.

Low is good

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2018

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