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Australia’s Best City – Entertainment Another long weekend in Australia, as we celebrate and remember those who bravely fought for our beautiful country. This long weekend is the last for many states until the Winter months – it’s the last opportunity to enjoy a bit of sunshine (hopefully) over 3 days. For many people, the long weekend will begin by attending Dawn Services, held across Australia from Capital Cities, to regional RSL clubs. This might be followed up with brunch with family and friends. But one thing is for sure, many Australian’s will be looking for activities for the remainder of the weekend. What are your plans for the weekend? For many Australian’s, Entertainment plays a big part in choosing where to live. In this video, Ivan Aristeguieta chose a few questions from the Australia’s Best City Entertainment category and asked the public their thoughts. If there’s something you’d like to see in this category but we haven’t covered it, send us an email, and we may just look into it for you.


Recently SBS – The Feed,  caught up with the creator of Australia’s Best City.  Food for thought….


Mad March in Adelaide: this article was originally written by Fotis Kapetopoulos in The Daily Review on March 20, 2014. Nearly March already? What’s up with Adelaide’s Mad March? The place rocked! I completed my sabbatical to the Adelaide Festival. Now that it’s over I need to breathe and ask what is happening in my old hometown? Small cities do great festivals while big cities create great art. This over-planned Anglophile city of about 1.23 million explodes in March but there’s nothing subtle about it anymore. It’s festival chaos. The Adelaide Festival, once Australia’s major biennial festival is now annual. The Adelaide Fringe Festival, a star for emerging and edgy artists, has grown to a Megalotherion comedy and whatever-else-can-fit festival. My favourite, WOMADelaide, the poster child of the musically worldly, is now a middle earth experience laden with concessions for the middle class children of Gaia. Yet there is no doubt that Adelaide is the nation’s best festival city where anyone can, for one summery month, be enveloped in excellent theatre, music and dance. Dreamlike spaces can transport you from Gatsby-esque oeuvres at Lola’s Pergola to the edgy carnie magic of Garden of Unearthly Delights and the enchantment of WOMAdelaide at […]


Climate, aside from being great small-talk material, is an important concern for most… and the Australian environment in particular provides lots of material for debate. While Australia has a reputation for excellent weather, the country’s vast land mass means that Australia has many climatic zones, from the moderate and Mediterranean temperatures in the south, to the tropical, humid environments in the north. Which is Australia’s hottest city? (Most of you guessed this correctly.) Which city is the windiest? Which city has the most sunshine hours per day? (Hint: it’s not in the ‘Sunshine State’…) For travellers, weather can make or break a holiday, and for people looking to move to a new city, climate is something to seriously consider before packing the bags. So which Australian city has the best climate? In this video, Ivan Aristeguieta chose a few questions from the Austrlaia’s Best City climate category and asked the public (often surprising) questions about their own backyard. Check out all the facts to do with the Australian environment in the Climate and Environment category on Australia’s Best City. If there’s something you’d like to see in this category but we haven’t covered it, send us an email, and we […]


Ivan Aristeguieta, Adelaide-based comedian, hit the streets to ask you some fun – and sometimes tricky – questions about sport. Australians take sport pretty seriously: engaging in friendly rivalry during a game is almost as popular as the sports themselves. Whether it’s AFL, NRL, tennis or soccer (football, for those reading from Europe), Australians enjoy a match and are internationally renowned for their sporting prowess. But the question still stands: which is Australia’s best city for sports? Where do the best sportsmen and women come from? We chose some surprising facts from the Australia’s Best City database and asked Ivan to quiz people on ever-important questions like “which is the city with the most number of AFL All-Australians per capita? There are of course tonnes more things that make a city a sporting giant. In this video we’ve only covered a few of them. In the sport category, we chose around 20 (and counting) facts to rank Australia’s capitals on how good they were at sport. Check out all the facts in the Sports category on Australia’s Best City. If there’s something you’d like to see in this category but we haven’t covered it, send us an email, and we […]


Earlier this month, the Property Council of Australia Liveability Survey dubbed Canberra the most liveable city in Australia. It was the first time in four years that Adelaide was bumped from the top of the list down to second place, and is – naturally – great news for Canberra, which completed a re-brand in December of last year and which many were less than enthusiastic about. The top-ten reshuffle is said to be partially due to Adelaide’s economic outlook, which has taken several blows in recent months. These include the announcement of the imminent closure of the Holden plant, which employs around 1,600 workers, plus the release of figures that showed that Adelaide unemployment rates were the second lowest in the country, behind Hobart. Canberra on the other hand scored highly in the outdoor recreation, education, and safety areas – which is also reflected by individual data facts from various sources. In their summary of the report, Property Council Chief Executive Peter Verwer said that “cost of living, housing affordability and job opportunities are the economic foundations for a liveable city”, which is certainly true. The survey did not however measure the purchasing power of residents, which plays an important role […]


To judge Australia’s best city – food and wine is a big part of the mix. Ivan Aristeguieta, Adelaide-based comedian, hits the streets to ask you how what you think was the best Australian foodie destination. Australia has an excellent rep – both locally and abroad – for food, wine and boutique brews. With vast land expanses and a melting pop of a population, Australian restauranteurs are up there with the best of them, producing outstanding food influenced by flavours from around the world. With the wines to match. Not to say that all Australian cities perform equally, though. Melbourne and Sydney have long competed for Australia’s culinary title (with the most restaurants and bars of all cities)… but is this reputation unjustified? We chose some often surprising (and for some, maybe controversial) facts from the Australia’s Best City database, and asked Ivan see if people could guess the answers. In the food category, we chose a few of the things that we think makes a great foodie-destination, and used them to rank Australian capitals on their culinary magic. Check out all the facts in the Food category on Australia’s Best City. If there’s something you’d like to see in […]


Ivan Aristeguieta, our favourite Venezuelan/Adelaidian comedian, hits the streets to find out which of Australia’s cities is the cheapest. Cost of living is a hot topic for many Australians (and for good reason). It’s also a concern for tourists and ex-pats who are looking to decide which city or cities they should visit or live in. So which is Australia’s most expensive city? Most people automatically say Sydney, but the results are surprising. We chose some hard-to-guess facts from the Australia’s Best City database and asked Ivan to quiz people on (important) questions like the most expensive beer in Australia. Of course, there are lots more things that make a city expensive, and here, we’ve only covered a few of them. In the cost of living category, we found data for 38 (and counting) facts and ranked cities according to the average price of goods and services. Check out all the affordability facts in the Cost of Living category on Australia’s Best City. If there’s something you’d like to see in this category but we haven’t covered it, send us an email, and we may just look into it for you. And we love a good city-debate: join in the […]


For three years running, Adelaide is Australia’s most liveable city. Adelaide the most ‘liveable’ city in Australia Australian cities consistently rank highly internationally for their liveability, opportunity and beauty.  But how do they compare in an Australian context?  As part of the Property Council of Australia’s annual ‘My City: The People’s Verdict 2012’ report, the ‘liveability’ of Australia’s eleven largest cities is measured from the perspective of people who live in them.  For the third consecutive year, the South Australian capital of Adelaide has been deemed the coveted ‘most liveable city in Australia.’ These types of reports are useful for benchmarking capital cities against each other on a range of indicators (like quality affordable housing and cost of living), but they stand to remain contentious, since different sets of indicators invariably bring back different results. While “Australia’s Best City” aims to highlight this ‘individual preference’ allowing users to browse the things that are important to them, these reports nonetheless remain important, especially when combined with other, more quantitative, indicators. Why does Adelaide perform well? In the 2013 report, Adelaide ranked particularly well among residents responding to the cost of living, having a range of quality affordable housing and being a […]


News blew in late yesterday that Sydney is the 7th most expensive city in the world. Big deal. We already knew you have to be a criminal or a real estate speculator to afford to live here. Not that there’s much diff. The real news was that Melbourne made number 8 on the list, ahead of Singapore, which is widely known as an extremely expensive city even for those who don’t habitually spit on the sidewalk.Melbourne has always prided itself on its title of “World’s Most Liveable City”. Apparently liveability doesn’t have much to do with affordability. And now Melbourne has another claim to fame. It’s a trait which is never, ever brought up in the endless, tedious Sydney vs Melbourne fights. Here goes then… Melbourne is the city in the world most similar to Sydney. Well, it is. Forget the differences. As yesterday’s affordability ranking confirmed, Sydney and Melbourne have much, much more in common than either of them ever care to admit. Truth is, the brashness of Sydney (as seen through Melbourne eyes) and the bleakness of Melbourne (as seen through Sydney eyes) are just two examples of differences between the cities which are wildly overblown. Look at America’s […]