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Street Talk: Australia’s Best City – Cost of Living


Street Talk: Australia’s Best City – Cost of Living

Ivan Aristeguieta, our favourite Venezuelan/Adelaidian comedian, hits the streets to find out which of Australia’s cities is the cheapest.

Cost of living is a hot topic for many Australians (and for good reason). It’s also a concern for tourists and ex-pats who are looking to decide which city or cities they should visit or live in.

So which is Australia’s most expensive city? Most people automatically say Sydney, but the results are surprising. We chose some hard-to-guess facts from the Australia’s Best City database and asked Ivan to quiz people on (important) questions like the most expensive beer in Australia. Of course, there are lots more things that make a city expensive, and here, we’ve only covered a few of them. In the cost of living category, we found data for 38 (and counting) facts and ranked cities according to the average price of goods and services.

Check out all the affordability facts in the Cost of Living category on Australia’s Best City.

If there’s something you’d like to see in this category but we haven’t covered it, send us an email, and we may just look into it for you.

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Australia's Best City cost of living

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