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Average annual afternoon relative humidity



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This FACT indicates the average annual afternoon relative humidity measured at 3pm in each Australian city between the years 1981 and 2010. The relative humidity measures the amount of water vapour in the air as a percentage of the maximum water vapour the air can hold. Therefore relative humidity is measured as a percentage. A relative humidity reading of 100% means that the air is completely saturated with water and cannot hold anymore. Relative humidity near the ground could be much less, therefore there does not need to be a reading of 100% for it to be raining. The statistics expressed here came from Bureau of Meteorology data collected from 1981 to 2012. The city with the highest humidity is between Brisbane and Sydney at 56 percent, followed closely by Hobart at 55 percent. The city with the lowest is Perth at 45 percent, with Canberra and Adelaide not far ahead at 46 and 47 percent respectively.


Based on Bureau of Meteorology data, 2014

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